What Kind Is It?

These be Datsun roadsters!
Approximately 40,000 were made from 1962 to 1970. A forerunner to the 240Z, the Roadster also was an affordable sports car.

What do you call it? Well.. that’s a good question!! Nissan called all their sports cars the Fair Lady series from the 1959 S211, to the 1990’s 300ZX. The Roadster’s factory model numbers: SP310, SPL311, and SRL311 are kind of uninspiring, so usually owners are the only ones that use that moniker. Nissan also marketed them as the Datsun “Sports”.

Usually they are just referred to by the badge of the side and rear of the cars, which indicates the engine displacement: 1500,1600, and 2000

Great history and information on the Datsun roadster can be found at Greg Valazza’s site, Alan Bent’s, and Rallye Enterprises.

I want one! What do I look for?

Good pointers can be found in Greg Valazza’s Buyer’s Guide (written by Tom Walter), as does Rallye. Also, see our Links page for all kinds of websites that may help you find what you’re looking for!

If you feel an overwhelming itch coming on to say “gee, it looks like an MG!”.. well, ok. Let it out. But note that the Datsun came out a year before the MGB!