Past Rides


Past WyCROC Rides

2013 – September – Annual Greeley Nissan car show.

Great weather brought out 12 cars that ranged from Datsun Roadsters (9), a 350 ZX Convertible, a 240 Z, and a Mazda Miata.  The day started at Brooklyn’s next to the Pepsi center in Denver, then we meet in Brighton, with a couple cars peeling off to take a quick spin along the Platte River, then everyone met in Greeley at Erlich Nissan.  The dealership was (as always) a great host by providing prime parking in their display area and food and drinks.  Many spent time taking tech and checking out the cars.  It was a fun day for all.

IMAG0210 IMAG0209 IMAG0208 IMAG0206 IMAG0205 IMAG0204


2013 – Tax Decompression Ride (April 21st)

We had a good turnout of Roadsters and Z Cars for on Tax Decompression Ride.  We had four roadstes and three Z, and for the first time, we had virtually all white cars, five in total.  Normally red seems to be the predominate color but we only had one red Z and a yellow roadster.  We Meet at Jeffco County Courthouse.

Jeffco start A Jeffco start B Jeffco start C

After some general stories we headed up lookout mountain road.  Had some fun weaving in and out of the bicyclists pedaling up the hill, and when we got to the pullout overlook, there was room with a view (wow).

Lookout Mtn. group shot south rounding the bend Lookout Mtn group shot widespan Lookout Mtn group shot north Lookout Mtn group shots

We pulled into Genesee for lunch at the Buffalo Coffee House and had some nice food and conversation.

2013 – Season Planning Luncheon at Brooklyns:

We had 8 owners and 6 cars show up for our season starter.  Good food and discussion about rides for 2013.  With our new expanded club definition of roadsters, Dan Neff (former Datsun 2000 owner and previous webmaster) showed up with his “07 Honda S 2000 (not pictured), and Gary Lasater bought along his new ’02 Mazda Miata.  Gordon Maness showed up with his red ’68 Datsun 2000. Also Darryl Hoffman showed up with his Datsun truck.  Wayne Hill brought his Z car instead of the Datsun Roadster and forgive an older man, but I forgot who owned the other white Z. (it’s heck aging gracelessly).

2013-03-17 15.27.27 2013-03-17 12.59.18 2013-03-17 15.25.09 2013-03-17 15.25.56 2013-03-17 15.27.17

2011 March meeting – Planning the upcoming Season of Rides.

The day started off questionable for those in the south with ½ – 1 inch of snow on the ground. As the day progressed towards the appointed time the weather broke and warmed so ultimately we had 11 ZRoad’ers show up with their cars. We had 6 Roadsters and 5 Z Cars. Lunch and company was great and we then all headed back outside to chat and check out cars. Ultimately conversation came together about planning for the upcoming season and we think we have at least one ride for June – September (which will be put up on the new ZRoad site as well as the WyCROC site). It is interesting how conversation of stares at each car as they drove towards the restaurant, oh well, there is the plastic fantastic newbie stuff and then there is the REAL CARS of the DATSUN Sports Car Group. By the way, it was determined that the group ranged from the 1963 Datsun 1500 Fairlady to the first generation Z cars through 1978.

September 4, 2010 – Greeley BBQ and Golden Cruise,

Even though many may have left town, we had a great “very full day” with the two events. It started with meeting at Brooklyn’s in downtown Denver. A little confusing since no one figured out the CU – CSU football game at Mile High Stadium may have started “event parking” mania early. We got to the parking lot and all around there was event parking signs. In any event a couple of the Z car guys told the attendants, we were not parking, just meeting. Guess that worked, because we were able to park and hang out until the 10:30 AM departure time. We had two roadsters and 4 Z cars start the journey to Brighton. We met up with another Z owner in Brighton, grabbed some munchies and drinks at McDonald’s and headed up the road.

When we landed in Greeley there were several more Roadster and Z owners and a friend of the group with a ’71 Datsun 510. In total we had 7 Z cars and 6 roadsters. This included Matt Klich with his ’77 orange 280Z, Daniel Bailin with his ’73 Silver 240 Z, Gerry Lynch with his ’74 Green 260 Z, Kevin and Valerie with their ’75 Pacific Blue 280 Z, Bruce Over with his ’73 Orange 240 Z, and Tom Nash with is White V-8 Powered 280Z. On the Roadster side Gordon Maness with his ’70 red 1600, Gary Lasater driving Gordon’s ’69 Red 2000, Scott Makinen with his ’69 2000, Bob Bragg with his White ’68 2000. Unfortunately, some left before we got names and years on the cars. Also Gary Boone’s car didn’t want to make the drive to Greeley, so it got trailered back home from the gas station (sorry Gary – catch you next time).

Erlich’s provided some great food for the BBQ and excellent hospitality. Here are some shots of the cars and fun.

We then headed out and for those that could, we headed to the Golden Cruise night and arrived around 5 PM. Joining us there was Darrel with his White Z. We were able to squeeze into the Golden Realty parking lot and thanks to Darrel playing key master, we had to move cars around as other’s wanted to leave. Great weather seemed to attract a good assortment of cars. All in all it was a long but fun day with great company and great cars. We had some other’s such as David Helm and Dave Hulslander that didn’t get the cars together in time, but we hope to see them soon too.

This the latest from the Golden Cruise night – August 7, 2010

With the weather initially threatening to rain, the Golden Cruise night turned out all right. All right other than the Cadillac Group beat the Datsun Truck group to the Golden Realty Lot. We ended up taking over a small lot just north of Golden Realty Office and managed to park 5 Datsun classic trucks, including Darrell Hoffman (he didn’t bring the Z), 4 Z cars and 5 Roadsters. From the WyCROC group we had Gary Lasater, driving Gordon’s 1969 Red 2000, AJ Lasater, with his Copperhead ’70 1600, Gordon Maness Franken monster cobbled together 5 speed 1600, Ruth and Wayne Hill with their white ‘69 2000, and Greg Cheer with his ‘69 red 1600. From Zroad there was Daniel Bailin’s 240 Z, Dave Hulslander, with wife Jacqui with their Black Pearl ’78 280Z, Mike and Michael Guzinski with Michael’s 72 240 Z almost back on the road, Gerry and Jonnie Lynch, with their Green ’74 260 Z. Lastly Tim Reinhart with the Impala who also has a Z.( 1971 240Z – 2.8 install in progress – LT1 in near future). John Bilodeau rode with Daniel Bailin – no Z that night.

Towards the end of the evening, most of the group joined the parade up and down South Golden Road with a lot of comments for the roadsters of “is that a Datsun?”. Z cars got some good stares, but all and all it was a great time for all that were able to make it. Need to do this again sometime soon.

As you can see from some of the shots, things were tight, but we managed to cozy all the cars together and watched the parade of cruising cars. Okay we didn’t post any pix from the cars – you’ll just have to go yourself and see the extreme wide range of hot rods, rat rods, classics, sports cars, mini buses, and the list goes on.

Here’s the first update for the June 12 Pine Grove Rhubarb Festival event and parade:

Yes the weather was miserable between here and there, but once we drove down into the Pine Valley, the rain and misting stopped and we had a fun day in Pine Grove. Four roadsters made the trip with Gordon Maness driving his 1968 Red 2000, he lent his 1969 Red 2000 to Gary Lasater (who’s 1500 roadster is just about done having the bottom end of the motor rebuilt), AJ Lasater drove his Copperhead colored 1970 1600, and not shown in the pictures was Kevin Maness maroon ’66 1600 (he made it to Pine Grove but Gordon and Gary where able to determine he blew a valve in the #2 cylinder).

They had a place for us to park the cars, offered free breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Walked around the vendors and area merchants, listened to good music and watched the belly dancers, then at 12:30 after they announced the winners of the Rhubarb cook off, everyone lined up for the parade and drove down the center of town while the Sheriff’s Department stopped traffic at both ends of the route.

Afterwards we were invited over to the parade organizers house for some drinks and bbq turkey, brats, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

Only one tragedy, and that was Gordon Maness son Kevin’s 66 1600 sucked a valve on the way to Pine Grove and had to leave on the back of a flat bed.

WyCROC 10th Anniversary Car Show, Aug 8

All we can say is WOW. This is the first time in the WyCROC history, that we had a total of 24 Roadster’s show up for an event. The event started early Saturday morning with Eric Frisbee, Dan Neff and Gary Lasater (original founder’s) meeting at Gary’s house. AJ Lasater, now 18 and driving his own 1600 join the group and we headed off to the original meeting place, the Castle Rock McDonald’s. We had a total of 8 roadster’s meeting at the first stop on the road to Greeley. Our first early Z from the ZRoad group (a mixture of early Z’s from 1970 to ’78 and roadsters) joined us at the starting point too.


Next, we all cruised up I-25 to meet the central roadster owners at Brooklyn’s near the Pepsi Center in downtown. To our surprise, we meet another 9 roadster owners to bring our ranks to 17. That took the breath away, since our previous record was 13 roadsters at one event. Unfortunately, we had a couple that had previous commitments and were unable to make the trip to Greeley. Additionally we had invited our newer (at least to us) brethren, the early Z’s, and we had several more Z car’s join us at Brooklyn’s.


Our next stop was the McDonald’s in Brighton where we picked a couple more roadsters and Z cars. Unfortunately we had a causality with one of the 1600’s apparently overheated on the way and cracked his block and had a rather large quantity of water flowing out of the exhaust pipe and on the ground. But, he took it in stride using this as excuse to upgrade and talk about options leaning towards a KA conversion.

(Insert brighton pictures here)

We finally arrived at Erlich’s Nissan in Greeley shortly after noon to meet up with the northern contingent and after everyone arrived found parking spots we ended up with 20 Roadsters, 8 early Z’s and 3 late model Z’s for a showing of 31. Erlich graciously sponsored a BBQ and gave out awards for early and late roadsters, Z cars, People’s Choice and Dealer’s Choice.

(insert greeley pictures here)

Finally, we would like to thank our original Founder’s for coming out 10 years ago and starting up a rag-tag bunch of roadster enthusiasts. (From left to right) Eric Frisbee, Dan Neff, Gary Lasater, Gary Boone, and Greg Nelson were able to make the show. Eric drove 1000 miles towing his ’70 Blue 2000 (the original 1600 didn’t make the trip but he still has it). Dan unfortunately is without a roadster right now but we’re working on getting him back with one, but for the event, he drove Gary Lasater’s yellow and black ’69 2000. Gary Lasater brought his 1500 from the original meet along with his son driving his ’70 1600. Gary Boone brought his newly working EFI blue 2000 ready for the race track again. Greg Nelson’s roadster is being put back together after some much needed repairs are being done. Unfortunately, Mike Koken and his car was unable to make the event.


The Wildlife Preserve Run, July 25

Saturday July 25th made a great day to get together with the WyCROC group along with the early Z cars and the Z car club. WyCROC members along with the early Z car owners have formed an informal group called ZRoad, ranging for 63 78 Datsun Sports cars. We had 9 total cars show up at the Pepper Pod Restaurant in Hudson over I-76. There were three roadsters, two early Z’s, and four late model Z’s.

We chatted about cars, events, and life in general over a nice lunch then caravanned together out to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. This is a truly amazing place who has rescued 150 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and even a couple of Emu’s. Everyone who went, highly encourage anyone by themselves or with family to have a truly fun time to go visit the Sanctuary.

10th Annual Tax Decompression Ride, March 1

This was somewhat of a strange event with two parts. First off, the original event was postponed due to Spring Snow from the 18th to the 26th. Next, we invited the early Z cars from the ZRoad group to join the fun and they showed up at the beginning but didn’t enter the car show. We had one Roadster and Four Z’s on the ride up Coal Creek Canyon, through Nederland and down Boulder Canyon. We actually had slow pokes on the way up, pull over and let us roll. Gordon Maness with his red stroker 1600 (a melted together series of years) meet this group about one quarter of the way from Boulder and we rolled into Boulder with Roadsters as book-ends (lead and rear) on the four Z’s. We had Gary Lasater in his 1970 Yellow 2L in the lead with Mike Gard with ’73 Brown 240Z, Ken Peralez, ’73 orange 240Z, Mike Klitch ’77 Orange 280Z, and Tom Nash with 736 White 240Z (with 350 Chevy). We had nice weather on the hour and half ride. Tom Nash’s 350 powered Z had some starting problems in Nederland, but got it rolling and away we cruised.

Once we hit the CU Sports Car Club show event, the Z group pulled into the garage and Gary and Gordon joined Scott Sheeler and his wife with their gorgeous black ’68 2000 and Dave County with his silver 67.5 1600, to display our classic tin. Weather turned a little intermittent with some sprinkles and Scott and wife booked it home early due to leaving the top back at the house. Had a lot of fun and sorry we missed the rest of you (our gain, your loss).


Blue Bonnet Lunch Meet, Denver, CO, March 1

We had a good group of roadster and early Z car owners show up at the Blue Bonnet Cafe on Sunday March 1st. As indicated, not all brought their cars, but we did have three roadsters and a Z car show with Tim Dolan, Gordon and Kevin Maness, Gary Lasater bring their roadsters and Daniel Balin with his Z.

The group was Gary Lasater (69 2000), AJ Lasater (official now 18 but having the clutch rebuilt in his 1600), Gordon Maness and his son Kevin (68 1600). Bob Bragg (several roadsters), John Over (soon to be SR20 roadster), Dave Country (67.5 1600), Matt Langbauer (70 1600), Tim Dolan (67 2000 conversion) and Daniel Balin (73 240 Z). It was great conversation about cars in general, good food and finally chatting about the rides this season. We all agreed it would be nice to have a ride a month. Have rides that encompass the north group somewhere between Denver and Ft. Collins, the southern area Denver to Colorado Springs and eastern, Denver to Ft. Morgan. Check out the ride schedule for 2009 and volunteer to plan a ride in your area if there is nothing on the schedule. We need help for some of the planned rides too so step up and volunteer.



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