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5th Annual Tax Decompression Ride

Wyoming state flag We Rocky Mountain roadster owners were getting tired of listening to all the cool things the California Roadster owners were doing in the Roadster listgroup, so we rallied together and on 19-Sep-1999 the Wyoming/Colorado Roadster Owners Club had its Inaugural Ride. Colo state flag
WyCROC isn’t a club per se. There are no dues and we don’t do meetings.  Recently we have had inquiries about expanding our group to include ALL JAPANESE ROADSTERS.  We now welcome all Datsun 310’s and 311’s, Mazda Miata, and Honda S2000 Roadsters (and open to other suggestions).  A roadster is a two/three seat convertible sports cars, and to be frank, just plain FUN !!
When we get the itch bad enough to do a ride, someone comes up with a plan, and off we go!  Meanwhile, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other roadster owners and get some great help!  In 2011 we joined forces with the early Datsun Z owners and formed the ZRoad group.  We have pretty much gone to using Google Groups to stay in touch so if you want to join in on the fun, If you’re interested in joining us, send an email to daniel at bailin dot org.

In keeping with our non-clubness and shotgun politics, WyCROC railroaded, er, voted, John Over in as our current acting Club President and Executive Motivator. In an extreme case of how casual we are, we aren’t even sure which meeting this election occurred in, but I’m sure it’s still in effective, so beginning somewhere in our past history we welcomed and Congrats John!

John Over, Prez and E.M..
Read the Hemmings Motor News Datsun article that will appear in the September 2007 issue with help from WyCROCers!



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